Galarian Weezing And New Sword And Shield Trainer Outfits Have Appeared In Pokemon GO

Galarian Weezing And New Sword And Shield Trainer Outfits Have Appeared In Pokemon GO
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

With the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon GO community has a chance to join in the celebrations. Some new Sword and Shield content has been added to the game for players to discover along their Pokemon journey.

In four-star Raid Battles, Galarian Weezing will appear, giving players their first chance at catching these special variants. Alongside this opportunity, players have a chance to get trainer outfits based on the main characters in the Switch Pokemon games. Look and feel part of the new generation of Pokemon during its launch week.

Unlike the typical Weezing that you have caught before the Galarian variant is a Poison/Fairy-type. Not only that, but it has an amazing cloud mustache and smokestacks on its head, making it look like a floating gentleman in a top hat. This very much embodies the spirit of Galar and gives a good idea of what kind of Pokemon variants will be coming to form the game.

The Galarian Weezing first appeared at 2-3 PM local time following the Chimchar community day. Now it will periodically appear in Raids, so keep an eye out for your chance to catch it.

The outfits that are available are based on the default outfits worn by the male and female protagonists of Sword and Shield. They are available through the Pokemon GO Style Shop for a small charge of coins from your account. There is tons more about both Galarian Weezing Raids and the outfits on the official Pokemon GO website.

Remember that Niantic has plenty of other Pokemon GO events lined up this month. Supereffective Week kicks off on November 19, and this will be your first chance at catching a Shiny Tentacool. After that, on November 26, the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion will make its debut in five-star Raids. Finally, the first-ever Pokemon GO Friend Fest will be starting on November 27, letting you take advantage of those well-earned friendships.

Every day more is being added to Pokemon GO, and the community is simply getting larger and larger. It is never too late to join in on the fun, so do not be afraid to download the game and get involved at a local community day or another event.

The game is available on both iOS and Android devices and is completely free to play. There is never any need to spend money on the game as everything can be earned with a little hard work and a bit of luck.