Torchlight Frontiers Release Date Has Been Delayed Out Of 2019 And Pushed Into 2020, Max Schaefer Says The Game Will Ship When It’s Done

Torchlight Frontiers Release Date Has Been Delayed Out Of 2019 And Pushed Into 2020, Max Schaefer Says The Game Will Ship When It’s Done
Credit: Play Torchlight Via Youtube

The new game in the Torchlight series will not be launching on time. Torchlight Frontiers was originally planned to release in 2019, but as developer Max Schaefer of Echtra Games announced during ExileCon today, the game simply won’t make it. The free-to-play action roleplaying game is now in its second year of development, but fans will have to wait a little longer before experiencing the new title.

With fewer than 50 days left in 2019 and no update in sight, Schaefer told SegmentNext that 2019 was only an “early estimate.” He added that “the bottom line is the game will ship when it’s done,” giving no direct answer to when fans can expect a full release.

The game is currently in alpha testing and deep in development for its eventual PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation launch. The game promises a “shared, persistent, and dynamically generated world” that will feature the series acclaimed hack-and-slash style gameplay. Players are expecting epic dungeons stacked with bosses and creatures waiting to be vanquished.

The game is in very good hands as Echtra Games is headed by Max Schaefer, who founded Diablo creator Blizzard North. With their years of game devlopment experience mixed with a tradition of high-quality content, waiting is something fans are happy to do for this upcoming title.

Torchlight Frontiers promises to be the massively multiplayer game that fans are looking for. There are massive surface levels that players can join together on and fight monsters that respawn over time. This level is used primarily to travel between the game’s dungeons, which are procedurally generated, giving a fresh feel to every adventure.

Like any good dungeon crawl, the game lets you party with players. This could be players you came into the game with or even just people you met while at the surface level. The game uses item-based experience levels to help balance player abilities and make the game feel fairer for lower-level players.

So get ready for when the game releases a high fantasy world full of monsters to destroy. Collect weapons, magic spells, and skills as you quickly improve your character’s abilities and become a hero in the frontier.

When this game releases, it will be on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It is currently unclear whether cross-play will be supported, but no matter the case, fans are still going to have a blast in this isometric experience. So bundle up for a long adventure in Torchlight Frontiers.