Eve Online Begins An In-Game Event With Disappointing News For Many Of Its Fans

Eve Online Begins An In-Game Event With Disappointing News For Many Of Its Fans
Credit: EVE Online via YouTube

Eve Online is known as the space opera MMO that continues to give amusing headlines as the various in-game clans all attempt to outwit each other while seizing assets and waging war across galaxies.  While it’s been wrongfully named in the past as a spreadsheet simulator (it could be if that’s how you want to play), there is simply no limit to the power that you can readily wrest from others with the right know-how.

Whether you’re inspired to begin a trading empire, or if you’re just in it for the fantastic PvP (that can be a bit monotonous once some massive carriers enter the fray), it offers something for everyone.

CCP has been working with its community since Eve Online’s launch on May 6th, 2003, and they simply won’t stop for anyone.  The economy is complex, the wars are wild, and pirates are waiting for you to walk out of a safe zone so they can kill you constantly.

Which makes sense, as the most recent event is all about killing other players and shooting their bodies into the vacuum of space.  In the ‘Skilling is just a means of communication’ event, players can get Skill Points with every frag they net out in space.  Daily challenges are also being issued to players every day, and the event is set to run from the 12th of March until the 14th of April.

Players can rack of hundreds of thousands of Skill Points by forcing some old fashioned player versus player throughout the life of the event.

On this news, however, comes some unfortunate news; CCP has announced that the upcoming Eve Fanfest 2020 has been canceled due to the Coronavirus (which is becoming a stagnant refrain at this point).  It’s an unfortunate, if expected, announcement for the title that is nearing two decades of a rabid fanbase with unerring support for the in-depth space simulator.

Still, that the community widely is bemoaning the loss of the fan-centric event bodes well for the title that is beginning to dwarf every other game in terms of history; even after the (roughly) month-long string of DDoS that ensured no one could possibly play the game easily, the fanbase is as ready to experience everything the game has to offer as ever.

It’s likely the first of many canceled events, but at least fans can log in right now and grab an obscene amount of Skill Points, all for the low price of making some adult cry into his keyboard.