Vermintide 2 Celebrates Second Birthday With A Celebratory Anniversary Event

Vermintide 2 Celebrates Second Birthday With A Celebratory Anniversary Event
Credit: Fatshark via YouTube

Back in March 8th of 2018, developer Fatshark unleashed Vermintide 2 on the world, providing a vicious sword-and-magic survival experience mixed with first-person action. Now, two years later, Fatshark is happy to be celebrating the title’s second birthday with a celebratory event!

The event won’t only be March 8th, thankfully, giving players a solid week to enjoy the festivities. For the birthday, Fatshark is letting the heroes run wild on the streets of Helmgart for A Quiet Drink. This “celebration” takes the form of a special adventure map, available between the 5th and 12th of March. There’s also a limited edition quest reward for players to earn before the week ends, though Fatshark is being a bit sneaky on announcing what precisely it is.

Festivities won’t just end with a single adventure map and a quest reward, though. Fatshark will be hosting streams on March 6th where they’ll bring some developers on to check out a handful of mods, play some games with the player base, and do a few Show & Tell style presentations. There’s no word on which developers they’ll be bringing on just yet, but it’ll certainly provide a wonderful bit of insight.

On the category of steams, Fatshark spills that they’ve partnered with a bunch of popular streamers that the audience is certain to recognize. “They’ll be celebrating along with us and all of you over on Twitch where we’ve armed them with some Swag to distribute as they see fit!” Fatshark mentions in their announcement. “We’ll get a schedule up and announced next week, but in the meantime chuck them a follow and you’ll be informed when they come online!”

The streamers included consist of Fuplaayz, Warwitch TV, Goofguy, Helloflower, Ishka TV, Moopshark, and Walkertrips. There’s no word on what gifts they’ll be giving out just yet, but it’s certain to be a nice handful of goodies.

To end out the announcement, Fatshark gave a word to the console players, discussing the difficulty that can arise in patching the console versions of the title versus the freedom they have with the Steam version. “The process on consoles is much more complex than the relative freedoms we have on Steam to push updates more frequently, so we genuinely feel for you during times of instability. It’s never our goal for you to feel alienated or left behind and we do appreciate it can feel that way.”

With so many goodies coming for the second birthday of Vermintide, it’s a good time to suit up and get on your best vermin-killing gear in preparation for the 6th.