Dead By Daylight And Resident Evil Are Crossing Over This June

Dead By Daylight And Resident Evil Are Crossing Over This June
Credit: Dead by Daylight

Since its original launch, Dead By Daylight has welcomed a variety of interesting crossovers. Behaviour Interactive announced that they will be joining forces with Capcom to mix the Resident Evil Universe into the lore of Dead by Daylight. The combination chapter is expected to launch in June, with more details revealed at the time of launch.

Till then, players are free to speculate as to what extent the infamous franchise will cross with Dead By Daylight. The developers have thus far been innovative in their practice, and to see it crossing even deeper into horror worlds is a unique and thrilling experience. Zombies, bosses, and many other features could find their way over including several iconic heroes from the Resident Evil plot.b

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Dead By Daylight is a popular 4 on 1 multiplayer horror game. A killer hunts down 4 survivors, and everyone is a player. This is a challenging version of hide and seek with deadly consequences and intense objectives. After its initial debut, the game hit a massive streak of popularity that continues to persist into today.

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To date, the game sports a population of roughly 30 million players globally across all platforms. Millions of players step into the arena on multiple devices as this title has quickly become a place for cult classic horror fans to gather.

After its initial release in 2016, the game has only grown more popular over time with new content being released consistently.

Previously, the game has partnered with major brands including Stranger Things. When they implement a new world into their adventure, the developers always go above and beyond on tweaking the experience so that the game runs smoothly and the new content feels authentic.

Many fans are speculating that the Dead by Daylight crossover with Resident Evil will cause the popular Lady Dimitrescu to be entered into the game. She debuted in a recent trailer for the upcoming game Resident Evil Village as an immediately iconic vampire.

If the developer decides to go a different direction, there are tons of villains and monsters throughout the franchise for the developers to put into their game. Resident Evil has been running for nearly 25 years, and this expansion is a way to celebrate all of its histories.

Despite the crossover, the game will retain its core aesthetic and theme as players will have another monster to hide from as they desperately attempt to repair generators across the map. Whether its zombies, mutants or morbid monstrosities the game is preparing for a rather unique chapter in its long history.

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Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices.