Mojang Studios Minecraft Block of the Week (5/21 – 5/27) Is Honey: The History And Honey’s Purpose

Mojang Studios Minecraft Block of the Week (5/21 – 5/27) Is Honey: The History And Honey’s Purpose
Credit: Bigbst4tz2

The Honey block is one of the most interesting blocks that Mojang Studios has added to the game of Minecraft. The Honey block was announced at Minecraft’s annual convention, Minecon back in 2019 and was added to the game in version 1.15, which can also be called the Buzzy Bees update.

The Buzzy Bees update also features bees, beehives, bee nests, and honeycomb blocks. While the Honeycomb blocks are largely decorative and can be broken down into Honeycombs that can be used in crafting bee nests.

Unlike Honeycomb blocks, The Honey Block is incredibly useful featuring three main uses that most players will find incredibly useful in a variety of applications.

The first of the Honey block’s uses is to stop a significant amount of fall damage. Like Hay Bales, the Honey block stops 80% of the falling damage.

This means that if a player was falling and would normally take ten health points, or five hearts, of damage if the player falls onto a honey block the player will only take two health points or a single heart.

Since the player sinks into and through the Honey block if the player makes a large stack of Honey blocks they will be able to slide down the stack while taking no damage. This feature allows players to jump two blocks further by holding onto the walls which have Honey blocks on the walls.

One of Minecraft’s block, the Honey makes setting traps for mobs much easier by having the mobs that are unfortunate enough to fall into the Honey block move much slower and also completely unable to jump.

This effect also works through both carpets and half-slabs as well, allowing users to conceal their traps easily.

Now the final fantastic use of this block is similar to the slime block which is to say that when attached to a piston, the Honey block is going to try and move all the blocks and items surrounding it along with it. This effect can be stacked to allow a single piston to move up to 12 blocks at a time.

With Minecraft’s Buzzy Bee update adding both bees and the Honey blocks, the two have some intractability.

When a Honey block is near bees, the bees will occasionally fly close and attach to the block for a few seconds, this is designed to resemble the bees eating honey. During this time, the bees ignore the surrounding flowers.