Animal Crossing New Horizons Online Resources Help Players Make Millions Of Bells In the Stalk Market

Animal Crossing New Horizons Online Resources Help Players Make Millions Of Bells In the Stalk Market
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the best ways to make bells is to buy from the adorable turnip peddler Daisy Mae, who appears on your island every Sunday. Normally, it is a game of chance for how much profit you will make, as the prices at Nook’s Cranny are semi-random throughout the week. However, the Animal Crossing community has a fix for this, and have created several online resources to make the stalk market easier than ever.

The first such resource is the aptly named This website has players enter in the price at which Daisy Mae sells her turnips for on Sunday, and then every time the Nookling brothers update their buying price (during the morning and afternoon.) The site then predicts the probable maximum and minimum buy price for the rest of the week.

The site is extremely helpful, as it saves players time and effort in tracking the prices and patterns on their own. Additionally, it becomes more accurate the longer you use it as it takes into account the previous week’s turnip price pattern. This way, players don’t have to check in every single day at the Nooking’s store if the tool promises a lower price.

The downside to this is that it does require some setup. Players need to manually enter in at least the prices at the beginning of the week, keep track of last week’s pattern, and remember how much they bought the turnips from Daisy Mae in the first place. The site of course also doesn’t manipulate in-game prices, it just predicts them. This means even when doing everything correctly, there is still a chance you can lose money in the long run.

Another option to make it big in the stalk market is by selling turnips at other player’s islands. This is an extremely useful option, especially if your island is forecasted to have subpar prices. Sharing turnip prices between friends or Animal Crossing communities on social media can sometimes yield turnip buying prices as high as 600 bells per turnip.

One way to find these insane buying prices quickly and easily is the website This website allows players to open their island up to the public via Dodo codes, and have visitors come to sell their turnips for these exorbitant profits. Players looking to sell can join a queue, and once you reach the front of the line, the website will display the proper code used to join the host’s island.

This is by far the best way to make a profit on turnips. The guessing game is completely omitted from the process. It can be time-consuming, as you might end up behind fifty or so other players in queue, which can take several hours to cycle through. It ends up being well worth it though, as you won’t have to obsessively check-in at Nook’s Cranny twice every single day. This method also guarantees your time will be well spent.

Now that tarantula island is becoming more and more difficult to farm, turnips seem to be the best way to make a few extra bells if you don’t mind a bit of risk involved. Hopefully, these online resources help you go from rags to riches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.