Destiny 2 Guardian Games: How To Get Started And Early Event Guide For The Heir Apparent Exotic

Destiny 2 Guardian Games: How To Get Started And Early Event Guide For The Heir Apparent Exotic
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

The Guardian Games have finally arrived in Destiny 2 during today’s weekly reset, along with a host of patch notes. Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans are pitted up against each other to see which class comes out on top at the end of the three week periods. This event has a ton of grinding to do, so here are the best ways to get started with this event.

The first thing players should do is head to the Tower and talk to Eva Levante, who will offer a quest aptly titled The Guardian Games, which has you heading to speak to Zavala. Following this will lead to Zavala offering the Guardian Games exclusive class items. These class items are crucial for the rest of the event, as you must be wearing them in order to score points for your team.

The main ways in which players can earn points for their respective class teams is by completing medals and bounties. This set up is very similar to how events have worked in the past and should come as no surprise to veteran players. This also means the event is grind-heavy and should be started as soon as possible for maximum progress towards your respective class.

Each metal has specific requirements for completion, such as defeating a certain number of guardians in the crucible, or a certain amount of enemies in strikes. These medals can be returned to the Tower and slotted to raise your team’s overall point score. In addition, there is a gold medal available that can be completed by doing various bounties.

Additionally, for the duration of the event, there will be an exclusive mission available (one for each week). These missions will reward players with one of three class themed ghost shells. The shells are exotic and quite aesthetically pleasing, so even if you’re not a fan of the rest of the event it might be worth picking up these quests.

The perhaps most exciting loot available for the event is the Heir Apparent weapon, which is an exotic heavy machine gun. This weapon is able to be obtained by completing the “Class Act” triumph. The triumph is actually multiple challenges in one, as you have to complete seven other triumphs in order to finish it.

The exotic weapon comes with the perk “Armor of the Colossus” which grants an Arc Shield for protection when the weapon is used while at full health. Interestingly enough, the weapon can also only be fired once fully spun up. From the trailer, it seems to be a unique and cool exotic to obtain, but the triumph to complete it is somewhat time-gated. Based on the challenges needed, players estimate the earliest you can feasibly attain the weapon is this Thursday.