New Update For Beyond The Wire Adds More To The Large-Scale Multiplayer Experience

New Update For Beyond The Wire Adds More To The Large-Scale Multiplayer Experience
Credit: Beyond the Wire

Developer Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries announced a new update for the large-scale multiplayer WW1 experience Beyond the Wide. This new update is designed to further enhance the historical action as players dive deep into the world of WW1. While the game has so far included an accurate depiction of the war, several major factors were still missing.

In a general sense, this title is an FPS experience on the front lines of World War 1. The new expansion, For King and Country, explores further into the conflict and has already been made available to fans. Players can enjoy new factions, new maps, and new weapons to declare war in this unique simulation experience.

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Beyond The Wire welcomes the British Expeditionary Force and the Harlem Hellfighters. Enter into a historic expansion where these two factions show their impact on the front line. As members of the British army were sent into the western front, the famed African-American regiment charged into the front line. This is a chance to re-enact what it was like to be a member of these legendary groups.

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Players can enter into three brand new maps based on real battles from the famed conflict. Each map has a distinct battleground and players will have to explore and battle in unique environments. Sechault is located on the border of Marne and Ardennes and was an important site for the Hellfighters. As part of the 100-day offensive, players fight across farms build on the shores of this unique part of France.

The second map is part of the third battle of Ypres, Poelcapelle took heavy damage and players will have to navigate pockets of industrial ruins and underground bunkers. This will be a close combat engagement, and the rain-soaked trenches hold the truth behind the horror of war.

Finally, the Somme Offensive combines the British victory over the germans with the Allied forces approach. Both sides clash in the ruins caused by the hectic battle as players take on destroyed villages, forest, fields and battlegrounds.

The game is adding a variety of new weapons including the Pattern 14 Sniper, 1897 Officer Sword, and the 1907 SMLE Bayonet. There are tons of new firearms available for players that reach into almost every loadout option.

For more information players are recommended to explore the developer’s website and social media pages.

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Beyond the Wire is available on PC for audiences to enjoy and the update can also be acquired there.