Celebrate Independence Day With World of Tanks: Valor, Epic Events and Premium Vehicles Available For Fans To Enjoy

Celebrate Independence Day With World of Tanks: Valor, Epic Events and Premium Vehicles Available For Fans To Enjoy
Credit: worldoftanks.asia

World of Tanks: Valor is celebrating the 4th of July with some patriotic in-game events and rewards for all players. This is an explosive holiday celebration that is giving players a chance to earn three famous American tanks along with tons of other rewards.

Decorate your Garage and prepare for a whole new operation full of surprises and loot. Players can join into the celebration on all platforms in a game that celebrates the brave and the bold. So polish up your tanks, oil the gears, and prepare for a celebration for all Tankers across the United States.

Prepare for a set of in-game events, rewards, and sales on American tanks. Past events have rewarded free legendary premium vehicles through in-game missions, so the developers have started with “The Bold and the Free” in-game operation.

This operation will allow players a chance to claim one of three famous American tanks for free. All players have to do is participate in the multiplayer arena and they will receive one of the tanks of their choice.

The first option is the Patriot T26E5. This is a Tier VIII American Heavy Tank and a longtime favorite of the World of Tanks community. The armor of this massive machine can shield teammates while allowing it to push forward taking direct hits without flenching. With remarkable speed and a powerful gun this tank tears through armor and shreads its way to victory.

The second is the T26E4 Freedom. This is a Tier VIII American Medium Tank that is unlike any other. It is strong, spirited, and great for charging into battle. With a strong front gun and super reinforced front armor this is the muscle that any army needs to charge into battle. The side of it also allows for it to easily take cover and hide out until needed for a brutal ambush.

The last tank is the Vengeance T25. This is a Tier VIII American Medium tank that is blend of both skill and strength. Experience excellent maneuverability mixed with a gun that spins quickly and locks onto enemies.

To earn one of these powerful tanks players must take part in “The Bold and the Free” operation. Battle across a series of stages between now and July 13. Each stage provides players with an XP goal to meet, once met players gain amazing rewards and eventually a free tank.

Througout the weekend players can gain even more rewards in celebration of the 4th of July. All players will receive x5 XP for their first win with every tank along with other surprises.

Interested fans can find World of Tanks: Valor on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is free to play and offers fans a chance at intense tank warfare.