Party Crasher Simulator Is Crashing Its Way Onto Multiple Platforms This Time Next Year, Prepare To Crash The Biggest Partys

Party Crasher Simulator Is Crashing Its Way Onto Multiple Platforms This Time Next Year, Prepare To Crash The Biggest Partys
Credit: Glob Games via Youtube

Glob Games Studio is crashing into the world of simulations with Party Crasher Simulator. This title is expected to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. Become a party prankster and tear down a ton of different private parties. The method is left up to you, but the mission is to try and bring down those horrible party people.

The game is still in early development, but players can get a taste of the plot from the trailer. Pull elaborate pranks, explore the neighborhood, and ruin the party in several different ways. Whether you go in Rambo style, knocking things over and shouting, or take the stealthy diplomatic approach, the choice is yours.

Become the ultimate party crasher in a town full of wild parties. This is a game where you take the role of a young man whose only passion is taking down party people as the ultimate king of party crashing.

Sneak into parties filled with people you don’t know. Nobody knows you, or expects you, so try not to draw attention to yourself. Blend in with the guests and use your surroundings to bring the party down. Don’t be too noisy; the guests will hear you and kick you out.

Players have the selection of 20 different suburbs. After that, pick a house where you can make the most pranks then start the level. Every residential area has different challenges and difficulties. The evening brings about partygoers, so explore the area and pick a party where you know you can cause the most trouble.

Each level comes with a set of side missions designed to give the player some direction. These side quests will help train new skills and unlock additional achievements and options.

Use the environment to ruin the party. Leave bloody knives in the living room, place rotten eggs behind furniture, put cockroaches in the salad, and much more. Your job is to shut down the party as soon as possible.

Using a built-in talent tree specializes in your personal brand of chaos. Choose between vital skills like breaking lots, running faster, and making smelly traps. It is up to you on how you crash the party.

Party Crasher Simulator is planned for release in 2021. The game will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and Steam. Interested fans can find more information on Glob Games Studio’s main website. Get ready to crash some parties in this chaotic simulation game.