Zombie Army 4 Has Added New Weapons, Gear, And A Brand New Lone Wolf Outfit

Zombie Army 4 Has Added New Weapons, Gear, And A Brand New Lone Wolf Outfit
Credit: Rebellion Developments

Zombie Army 4 is adding new content to its exceedingly fun zombie shooter. New content has dropped allowing players a chance to get completely redressed with brand new weapons, outfits, and gear. Style up and prepare to take on more undead nazi hordes.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has been successful in the community after following the release of the Zombie Army Trilogy. Players have gone on tons of different missions bringing their friends on coop endeavors or delving solo into the depths of undead hell.


Tons of amazing characters fill this zombie shooter each with their own weapons and kits. The only thing missing is customization opportunities. The game seems to, for good reason, focus on the killing and slashing of zombies but this new update has added in some more charming options when it comes to dressing the part.

Players can purchase the Lone Wolf June Outfit allowing players to kit Jun out as a Lone Wolf. Nothing will stand in her way of destruction against the undead allowing players to dress like a badass zombie hunter with one the most intense characters in the franchise.

Alongside this pack is the Flags Charm Pack being sold for the same price. This pack allows players a chance to bring some patriotism into the zombie-killing adventure.

The pack includes flags from Britain, America, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Germany. Pick your country and represent them by adding their flags to your favorite guns.

For even more zombie killing action, fans can purchase the Crossbow Rifle Bundle. This bundle allows players access to the Crossbow Rifle and a couple of charms. Take advantage of the bespoke weapon skins, Toy and Ornate, and fire with utter precision through the skulls of a never-ending zombie horde.

For another skin bundle, players can purchase the Carbon Weapon Skin Pack. This pack adds a carbon look to all the weapons allowing a slight personalization to occur midgame. Although this is not a super personal loadout option, players should consider it to add a little flair into their collection.

DLC continues to be released for Zombie Army 4. Keep in mind to access any of the DLC content players must own the base game already.

Zombie Army 4 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game originated as a mode but has evolved into its own full-blown adventure series into the depths of a zombie-filled hell.