EMMA: Lost In Memories Has Released A New Trailer Announcing Its Upcoming PlayStation 4 And PlayStation Vita Release In May

EMMA: Lost In Memories Has Released A New Trailer Announcing Its Upcoming PlayStation 4 And PlayStation Vita Release In May
Credit: eastasiasoft via Youtube

EMMA: Lost In Memories released on Steam for PC via Steam last August 2019. One year later, the game is making its appearance on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in May. The game is a 2D puzzle platformer in which all the walls disappear as you touch them.

Players will have to think, strategize, run, jump, and feel their way through a surreal and poetic world where everything just fades away. EMMA: Lost In Memories is developed by SandBloom Studio. This is a strange yet calming world seen through the eyes of Emma, a young and vibrant girl who loses herself in a strange world.

The entire game functions on one simple mechanic, all platforms and walls start disappearing the moment you touch them. As you run through the game, you will find that the main character runs automatically, you simple control her abilities and do your best to react at the correct time.

The entire game is drawn by hand in a beautiful minimalistic 2D art style. Explore a dynamic and eccentric world as you explore single-screen levels. Each level will challenge your ingenuity and strategy as you progress through them.

There are two game modes for fans to enjoy. Players can enjoy the main story that follows the adventure of Emma and the Memory Chest. You must complete the main story to access the levels stored in the Memory Chest.

EMMA: Lost in Memories is a delicate reflection on memory loss through a unique and one of the kind adventure. The idea of things disappearing when she touches them is like the fading of memories through time. The journey that Emma goes on after following the owl reflects the lack of permanence in most things alongside the acceptance of lost time.

Many fans are excited to see this title make the leap from PC to the Console audience. Although it will be a PlayStation 4 and Vita release, the community is still happy for a chance to explore this world. Follow the owl and find the adventure that awaits beyond the memories lost.

Pre-orders will be available soon for EMMA: Lost in Memories. Interested fans can play the game now on PC through Steam or wait for the full launch on PlayStation. Explore a strange world from the eyes of a young girl as she travels into the unknown and learns a valuable lesson about the world around her and the feeling of loss.