Goblin Stone Set To Release On Steam Early 2022

Goblin Stone Set To Release On Steam Early 2022
Credit: Orc Chop Games

From Philippines-based indie published and developer Orc Chop Games comes a unique Goblin-themed 2D turn-based RPG adventure. Goblin Stone is set to release on Steam in early 2022, but the title has a demo available for those curious about its journey. The puts goblins as the main characters and takes players on a unique journey through a magical land.

Goblin Stone is designed by Vince McDonnel, former founder of The Playforge, and it takes players on a unique journey. Battle past humans, elves, and dwarves in a turn-based RPG environment mixed with stunning hand-drawn 2D levels.

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In Goblin Stone, players will create their own goblin lair and manage their unique roster of adventurers. Map your lineage and create a perfect raiding party as you make difficult choices that only Goblins have to deal with. This is a unique flip on a traditional RPG experience as players interact with a standard villain race.

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The world is a vast procedurally generated environment filled with hand-drawn 2D levels. Players are tasked with building a great goblin lair in the ruins of an old fort. This comes with challenges and threats, including adventurers who want to do you harm.

Battle against humans, elves, dwarves, and more in an innovative take on the turn-based battle system. Starting with a group of ragtag goblins, players can selectively breed their flock to create superior fighters at a genetic level.

The narrator tells the story and is voiced by Scottish actor James Smillie. This is paired with award-winning music from composer Peter McConnell who has worked on Hearthstone, Broken Age, and Monkey Island.

This game features permadeath for goblins and expects many of them to die. With each death comes a new ancestor that strengthens your tribe and builds a deeper connection for all.

The developer is a self-funded game studio that works with a passion for creating the best game they can. While this may be a very niche project, its artistic direction and unique theme can drive it higher than many triple-A titles.

Age-wise, this title looks like it is designed for audiences of all ages. The unique RPG aspect will ask for tactical decisions to be made, but otherwise, the content seems clean and inviting like a storybook.

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Goblin Stone is set to release early in 2022, but till then, players can enjoy a public demo available right now on Steam for any interested parties and players.