Diablo III Season 18 Is Coming On August 23, Here Are The Patch Notes And Highlights

Diablo III Season 18 Is Coming On August 23, Here Are The Patch Notes And Highlights
Credit: Attack of the Fan Boy

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the launch date for the Diablo III Season 18. It will come with a new patch which will be released on August 23. The Diablo III Season 18 will feature a new theme, cosmetic rewards, journey rewards, seasonal conquests, and Haedrig’s Gift. Dubbed Season of the Triune buff, fans can’t wait to get their hands on the crafted item reworks, and Legendary powers that come with the new Patch 2.6.6.

“We wanted to try something different this Season, and especially wanted to provide a change to your gameplay from the very first moment you begin your journey. This buff alters gameplay from level 1 to level 70 and beyond, providing an enticing reason to move around the battlefield to leverage these powerful boosts.” Wrote Blizzard, the game’s developer.

Season of the Triune takes players back to the times of the ancient cult of Prime Evils dating back to over three millennia ago. These Prime Evils camouflage in the virtues of Determination, Creation, and Love but they aim to tilt the minds of men in their favor in the ongoing Eternal Conflict.

The Cult of the Triune, which was brought down by the Uldyssian during the Sin War, still has some surviving members who are still operational. The Power of the Triune is what players benefit from and comes in three forms; Triune of Love (Power), Triune of Determination (Resource Reduction) and Triune of Creation (Cooldown Reduction).

There will be new rewards in Season 18 and will include all the rewards that have been available since Season 6. The exclusive Conqueror’s Set will not have only the Chest and Gloves set but also a new series of portrait frames. Players will also be able to benefit from a ghastly All Hallow’s pennant to help you proclaim your love for the grim and creepy stuff.

The seasoned demon slayers will also add a badge to their honors. The Diablo III Season 18 Season Journey Rewards earns you a stash tab for completing the Conqueror Tier. Players can earn a maximum of five from the Guardian of Sanctuary, Gem of My Life, Disarm You, All I Do Is Win, Money Ain’t A Than, Take You There, Power Amplification, and Cubic Reconfiguration.

Season 18 will also feature Seasonal Conquests which you get rewarded for completing specific challenges. There’s also Haedrig’s Gift which is earned after completing specific chapters. For detailed information, check out the Diablo game website blog.

Diablo III Season 18 will come on August 23, after the end of Season 17 on August 18.