Far Cry 6 Is Being Pushed Back In Response To COVID-19

Far Cry 6 Is Being Pushed Back In Response To COVID-19
Credit: IGN via YouTube

COVID-19 has been one of the most impacting global pandemics in modern history. It has affected so many industries for months now and with the numbers still on the rise, it doesn’t look to be a thing of the past any time soon.

It has even found its way into the gaming industry. Developers facing deadlines are having to push them back as to account for the work-from-home orders. So far in 2020, there has been one delay after another and with a lot of popular AAA games.

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Another one has taken a hit and this time, it’s Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft Toronto. It has been on the much-anticipated list of new titles for a lot of gamers, but alas, they’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to check out the island of Yara now under the threat of dictatorship.

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Ubisoft made this announcement in an official earnings call, where they went on to set a new release schedule between 2021-2022. The new year is almost upon us, but considering that COVID-19 is still affecting so many people around the world, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the delay remain for a while.

The developer — like many others — are having to cope with a new work environments. It’s an unfortunate situation that the gaming industry must endure, but at least great titles eventually see the light of day. Sometimes for the better too as more glitches and bugs can be worked out.

Fans won’t get to experience Far Cry 6 on the original release date, but Ubisoft has the chance to take their time polishing off what they’ve already finished. The game looks full of potential, from the fictional environment of Yara to the gripping voice work from Giancarlo Esposito — who’s assuming the role of dictator Anton Castillo.

If you saw the series Breaking Bad, you know what kind of performance he can give in this role. He was a drug lord that rose to power in quick succession, and it looks like he’s taking the same brutal approach in Far Cry 6 — only this time he’s got a son Diego who he’s trying to mold.

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The Far Cry series has just gotten better and better with every new installment, so it makes sense that this latest one would continue that trend. That’s the hope from onlookers looking for more details on gameplay and the story. Hopefully to hold fans over, these details surface sooner rather than later.