Pokemon Snap Gets New Extensive Trailer Showcasing New Pokemon

Pokemon Snap Gets New Extensive Trailer Showcasing New Pokemon
Credit: Nintendo

A new trailer has released for Nintendo‘s upcoming Pokemon Snap release. This new Pokemon title revisits a classic concept where players travel across the Pokemon world in search of picture-perfect shots. This new trailer showcases the Lental Region and shows players an overview of the upcoming title. From how to take a good goto to customizing the angles and effects, this trailer showcases the title in a new and exciting way.

The game is set to release on April 30th for the Nintendo Switch. Players get to explore the world of Pokemon as they try and take unique photographs. The developers have hidden surprises among the game with the Pokemon making unique expressions or doing strange things. It is up to players to find the best images and share them with their friends.

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The video showcases a variety of locations each with their own Pokemon residents. As players compile a unique book of images, they share them with the in-game characters in an effort to explore the Pokemon world.

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Based on the video, players are placed on an automated track that slowly moves throughout a set environment. After they take their photos, the in-game professor scores the shot and grants points for new features, filters, and items. The Pokemon can be interacted with, and the video shows examples of tossing berries to the small creatures.

This title offers a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the Pokemon world. Rather than capturing the monsters, players can observe them in their natural habitat. This is a great chance to see what the world would exist like without human intervention.

While the game is mainly viewed through a camera, this is not a limitation within this experience. Players can learn, adjust, and take a variety of interesting images through what seems to be a nature reserve for Pokemon. New abilities and traits can be seen, and trainers would normally never get to explore this side of the world.

While this is a different experience, it is not meant for the whole community, Pokemon Snap was previously a successful title, and this is a rebirth of a classic idea that many fans are looking forward to.

More information can be found scattered through a variety of interesting videos. While they use the modern Pokemon engine, the game does have a natural feel to it that many fans are excited to experience.

This title is designed for players of all ages. The world is friendly, the action safe, and the images downright adorable.

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Pokemon Snap launches on April 30th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.