Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Ninten Island” Updates With Winter Scenery

Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Ninten Island” Updates With Winter Scenery
Credit: doubutsuno_mori via Twitter

Nintendo has an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons island called “Ninten Island.” The company often updates the island with new designs according to the most recent updates.

Snow began to fall in the game in mid-December. Players began to see snow cumulate on bushes, plantlife, and buildings. Snowballs also began appearing, and building a perfect “snow boy” would award players with a special snow-themed DIY.

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Various snow scenes are now available to view on Ninten Island. Players can visit the island by laying down in a bed and drifting off into the Dream Island with the right code. Before players can get started, they will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, internet connection, and have a bed set up to sleep in.

The Ninten Island is also a great place to see which items are available. Some may have missed some of the furniture pieces or DIY, so they’ll know what to work on next. Players will also get to see what a “perfect” Snowboy looks like.

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The Ninten Island redesign comes just as the snow is falling on islands across the globe. Many islands are now seeing trees decorated with holiday lights. These trees can be shaken for a small chance to grab a variety of colored ornaments. Snowflakes have also begun to fall. These items can be collected to use for DIY projects, either from Isabelle, Snowboys, or balloons floating in the sky.

The Winter festivities come before the annual Toy Day celebration later this month. On December 24, Kringle will once again visit Animal Crossing and ask for players to help. Players will be asked to give out presents to the islanders. The island residents have unique tastes, but the player will be rewarded if they give out the right gifts.

The gifts are already available, and players should begin collecting them now. Within Nook’s Cranny holiday selections are an assortment of toys. These toys change every day but begin to repeat every few days. Players can purchase these items that range between 2000-3000 bells and prepare to present them for Toy Day.

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The Toy Day celebration is only the latest special event in the game. Unlike previous installments, Nintendo has slowly rolled out new events in monthly updates. These new updates and events give players something to look forward to every month. The next update is coming towards the end of January and brings back Pave the fashionable peacock.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive title available now.