When the Past was Around Is Now Available To Nintendo Switch Fans

When the Past was Around Is Now Available To Nintendo Switch Fans
Credit: When the Past was Around

Enter into a beautiful game from Indonesian developer Mojiken. This unique title is a point-and-click adventure with a whimsical tone. Enjoy unique puzzles, a thrilling story, and learn life lessons from an animated interactive classic.

Players in When the Past was Around will be greeted with clues, puzzles, and secrets. As you enjoy haunting violin music, you will explore the world of Eda as you retrace her memories of love, happiness, sorrow, and more. This is a true experience of storytelling that will have players driving forward from beginning to end.

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Enter into a beautiful world that looks like a living painting. Explore the past, present, and future as you learn about Eda’s life. This is a story about love, letting go, and enjoying every moment of everything. Enter a time, When the Past was Around.

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All the dialogue in this adventure is replaced with music. People are animals, the world is strange, and the environment hides interactive sections carefully. Explore each scene and find out what needs to be done to progress the story yet another chapter.

This is a short and sweet tale. Explore the journey of Eda and her lover as you see her life as a series of disjointed rooms and memories. Help her overcome the past and find herself as you solve a variety of interesting puzzles.

The game is ambiance by atmospheric violin music that changes with the tone of the story. This is a narrative experience designed to be completed in 2 hours. As a short game, players can instead spend time reflecting upon the meaningful experience than spending a day getting lost in the details.

From just the trailer, screenshots, and summaries this is a game that the developers put their heart and soul into. This is a deep and compelling narrative that exceeds on the story telling excellence found in other point and click adventures.

Let the music guide you as you become one with the tale and explore every aspect of what can go wrong when everything is going right.

This unique narrative is great for players of all ages. As a sweet and romantic adventure, players should take their time and relax as they progress through this title. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website, Steam page, and social media accounts.

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When the Past was Around is available on Steam and has just been ported to the Nintendo Switch audience.