CoffeeTalk Has Been Released, Pull Up A Chair And Enjoy A Calming Cup Of Coffee In This Unique Talking Sim

CoffeeTalk Has Been Released, Pull Up A Chair And Enjoy A Calming Cup Of Coffee In This Unique Talking Sim
Credit: Coffee Talk Official Website

Coffee Talk is a barista simulation game where you own a cafe and get to talk to fantasy-inspired characters. Toge Productions has released this game, and it is now live on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There are physical editions available in Japan in multiple languages, but otherwise, players should buy it digitally on their preferred platform.

The developers did release a demo on Steam that gave players a taste of what is to come. The game’s demo reception was high, and players all over the internet raved about the peaceful, majestic game that this has become. Now that the full version is out, fans can spend hours enjoying the stories and serving coffee to all of their new fantasy friends.

Coffee Talk is a coffee brewing talking simulator that is all about listening. The game is set in a modern fantasy world where everyone has busy lives and tons of problems. You make their lives a tad bit easier by serving a warm drink or two and listening to them vent about the world.

It is all about listening to people and serving warm drinks out of the ingredients you currently have in stock. All the lives, although depicted by fantasy characters, are as human as possible, giving a beautifully simple feel to a very in-depth game experience.

Players will get lost in the stories of the alternative-Seattle inhabitants. Each resident wants a different beverage with a different taste. Players will find themselves meeting aliens, elves, succus, and much more as they learn about the world around them in both the game and in real life.

Every storyline branches with each drink you serve your cafe customers. The dialogue doesn’t drive the story as much as fans might expect. Decisions matter, but it might be what’s in the cup that inspires where the story will go.

The world is stylized like a 90’s anime and has chill vibes all around. From the color palette to the jazzy and lo-fl music, it makes everyone think about a warm drink and sweaters. It will be an experience that makes you feel rested in body, mind, and soul.

So if your ready for some Coffee Talk, you can find it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is being sold for $12.99 but is on sale on Steam as a special launch promotion. It is time for some good vibes, a nice chat, and a warm cup of coffee.