Control Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass Starting December 3rd

Control Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass Starting December 3rd
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the better values for gamers — regardless of platform — has been Xbox Game Pass. It’s Microsoft’s attempt at giving their fanbase a chance to play a huge library of games for a low monthly price, much like what you would pay for Netflix.

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The idea has been a huge success. Every month, there are amazing titles added to the platform. That includes newer titles like Doom Eternal and Madden NFL 20. The library of games continues to grow too as we get ready to conclude 2020.

If you have the system and haven’t been able to play Remedy‘s Control, here is some good news. This unique and visually beautiful action-adventure game that debuted last August will be on Xbox Game Pass starting December 3rd. That’s merely two days of waiting.

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The offering just shows how great of a platform Xbox Game Pass is. There are a lot of other places that gamers can get their games, but very few offer the number and quality that Microsoft’s platform does. It’s a huge reason why many elected to purchase the Xbox Series X as opposed to the PlayStation 5.

As far as Controlas a AAA game, it offers a lot of great things. One that stands out immediately is the environment that players get to move throughout in The Oldest House.

What starts out like a pretty standard government facility quickly morphs and changes all throughout your playthrough as Jesse Faden, who’s just been promoted to Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. It’s an agency tasked with managing paranormal activity.

Every time you accept a mission or just go out exploring, you realize the endless layers of The Oldest House. The two expansions that have come out in Control since launch have further expanded the environments and lore.

You can appreciate the direction the developer took with the gameplay too. Jesse gets to upgrade a resource known as the Service Weapon. The further along you get, the more upgrades you can unlock for it. It may be a shotgun or a mini-gun. Like The Oldest House, it has limitless potential. Even the game’s story has a lot of great twists and turns that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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Only a couple of more days before Xbox Game Pass members will be able to check out Control, a game that already is worth its full asking price. The platform keeps on delivering, which is key for Microsoft heading into 2021.