Control Ultimate Edition Isn’t Coming Out Until 2021

Control Ultimate Edition Isn’t Coming Out Until 2021
Credit: IGN via YouTube

2020 has been a pretty difficult year for almost everyone around the world. COVID-19 has impacted so many, including developers looking to push through and meet certain deadlines as best they can. It has been tough to keep the same development schedule going and as a result, many are pushing back projects.

It has happened time and time again and it’s happening with Control’s Ultimate Edition. This version is a next-gen upgrade for both the Xbox Series X and the PS5. According to the game’s Twitter page, this version won’t be available until sometime in 2021.

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The explanation is pretty much the same as other developers that have had to put a pause on their releases. Remedy wants to make this next-gen edition truly worth it for fans and to come through on this complete vision, more time is needed. It isn’t surprising, but still a little disappointing for fans that wanted to see how much better visually and performance-wise Control could be.

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This action-adventure game is already stunning from a graphics standpoint. The red hues and crisp structural details give it a very artsy style that is the first of its kind in some respects. Players exploring The Oldest House — a multi-tiered building with limitless scope — have had an amazing time already. The fact that these experiences could be even better in the Ultimate Edition is downright amazing and crazy to think about.

Just how much better can Control get? That remains to be seen, but the sky is the limit with how powerful both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are on paper. Sony and Microsoft wanted to give gamers something worth getting excited about. They’re about to release here in a couple of days; you can just feel the feverish buzz starting to build.

Out of the gate, there are some decent offerings to pick and choose from. The Ultimate Edition of Control was high on the list for many looking to pick up one of these next-gen consoles, but they’ll just have to wait a little while longer.

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Remedy Entertainment can focus on doing this special edition justice with graphics and performance adjustments that warrant its existence. Hopefully to hold fans over until later next year, they can put out some trailers showing just how much better this upcoming version will be. They have an amazing foundation to work off of, but now they just need to get back on track and do right by fans that love this unique title.