Many Faces Is A Classic Retro Arcade Shooter That Is Porting To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

Many Faces Is A Classic Retro Arcade Shooter That Is Porting To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
Credit: Eastasiasoft via Youtube

Eastasiasoft put Many Faces into the world back in January. This game is a challenging retro shooter that is being sold super cheap on all platforms. After a successful couple of months on Steam, the game is now being released on Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

This retro-style game is all about blasting digital baddies back to the void. Get ready for tons of multi-level jumping, aiming, and battling. The game includes tons of customizations options and upgrade opportunities that players will enjoy. Build your fighter, and prepare for a retro game of intense difficulty.

Many Faces is a challenging adventure for tons of different types of players. From retro fans to players just looking for a new experience. Dodge danger, and blast your enemies apart in this unique arcade game.

Take on over 50 randomized levels with each of your playthroughs containing 17 of them. Each time you play the game should be slightly different giving it an ever-changing feel an direction.

Battle against more than a dozen enemy types each with their own movement pattern and attacks. Adapt your strategy as each enemy changes in number, strength, and position.

There are 7 challenging bosses to take one. Each has its own strengths, attacks, and unpredictable order. Take on each boss and overcome all adversity using your own tactics and upgrades.

As you customize your character with unique hats you will find an unexpected amount of depth to the design of the game. Make sure to investigate all the unique abilities that come with the hats, or unique gun modifications that you can apply to your weapon.

Feel a game from another time in this unique 8-bit style with a matching soundtrack. As you venture deeper into the world of Many Faces you will find that its charm is not only surface level.

This title graphically resembles classic games. From the character design to the enemy battles enjoy a unique blend of graphics from another age. Travel back in time and take on Many Faces using skills from the modern era of gaming.

You can find Many Faces on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. WANZUNGDEV is a developer that takes the time to appreciate their creation and brings back gaming to a simpler time. Step into a retro experience that has long gone from modern arcades and battle through a challenge that will only get harder as time goes on.