Fallout 76 Expansion, Wastelanders, Once Again Fails To Impress Fanbase That Prefers Older Games

Fallout 76 Expansion, Wastelanders, Once Again Fails To Impress Fanbase That Prefers Older Games
Credit: Gamespot Trailers via YouTube

The horror story of Fallout 76 continues to generate new horrors. This sort of train of thought is almost impossible to avoid when one consider the game known as Fallout 76. Perhaps what is really so bad about it is the fact that it could have been something far greater than what it actually was, and for this reason, we are all incredibly upset and ashamed about the stupidity of game this dumb. We wanted something fun and powerful, and instead, we received this bag of slop. Bethesda should be ashamed.

The latest attempt at salvaging their absolute mess of a game came only recently when the folks behind the insane game created a new expansion that brought NPCs into the entirely empty wasteland. Well, folks, late is better than never, right? Well, sometimes it is, but this time it seems apparent that there should have been something added into the game a long, long time ago. Because there wasn’t, we are all stuck with this nonsense. We just cannot take it anymore. Why should any of us play this trash? This is the true question and one we still have not found an answer for. So here we are.

Looking back, one might remember with no small degree of fondness, the insanity in the opening salvo of the game. Remember when we received those insane canvas bags and the silly power armor that came out it? All plastic and cheap material. Bethesda was so embarrassed they issued refunds. But that was before we had even touched the game, wasn’t it?

And yet, the fools kept on chugging along. Insanity. Anyway, the latest update has some more quests and things like that, sure, but it also is just a big old chunk of boredom rolled into an unrecognizable ball. There’s no fun here, and we all know it deep down inside. So go ahead. Play your slop game.

What Bethesda needs to do is try to reinvigorate the system by way of a return to true gaming. Condemn their game, destroy it completely, and start again from scratch. Things will not improve. They have lost the game, and they are only drawing out the suffering of millions of distraught fans. Those poor, poor things.

Anyway, if you like to play survival games, and you are a glutton for true punishment, then be sure to go check out Fallout 76, available for the Xbox One, and also on Steam. We promise you won’t like it.