Destroy All Humans! Receives Its Release Date Of July 28 In Upcoming Remake

Destroy All Humans! Receives Its Release Date Of July 28 In Upcoming Remake
Credit: THQ Nordic via YouTube

If you happened to miss the bizarre title Destroy All Humans! back in 2005, then you’re not alone. In spite of multiple releases between mid-2005 to late 2008, the title and franchise is still considered to be far more of a cult-classic than it is a mainstream success. This isn’t to say that it’s somehow subpar, more that it just wasn’t as big of a release from THQ versus other titles such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Call of Duty 2Battlefield, and Psychonauts.

The good news is that the hilarious title is coming back in the form of a beautiful remake, and the hilarious title is coming to Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on July 28, 2020. With crisp graphics and the same bizarre sort of humor that asks you to, literally, destroy humanity, it seems as though the 1950s are once again set to be our stomping grounds for psychic ray guns and jetpacks as we take the oblong-headed alien Cryptosporidium 137 and harvest everybody’s DNA.

You’ll be doing more than spreading rampant destruction on foot, however. You’ll also hop into your ’50s styled UFO and obliterate entire cities, spreading death and destruction in your wake. You can camouflage Crypto-137 as a human, and walk around urban areas with no one the wiser.

The title boasts a wonderfully hokey 1950s aesthetic, back when America was one of the infallible superpowers of the world before the time of…well, now. Causing havoc in a simpler time was an enthralling endeavor that dotted many childhoods, and the remake at least looks like it’s staying true to the classic DAH! experience.

The game is coming in a multitude of versions (because consumers love that), and GameStop is already advertising a $400 Crypto-137 package that comes with a figurine, a backpack, and other various offerings that may entice someone who is a hardcore DAH fan.

The Steam page of Destroy All Humans! is already up, although the arrival date has not been cemented in the page to mirror the announcement today. Within the Steam page, we can find precisely what this modern rendition of DAH! will hold.

While we’ll, of course, be receiving classic weapons such as the ‘Probe Gun’, THQ is also stating that there will be multiple cities to freely explore and destroy in any manner of your choosing, from causing explosions with your arsenal and UFO to using psychokinesis, and everything in between. Finally, there will be a new mission called Lost Mission of Area 42.

The mayhem looks to be gearing up sooner than we expected, but that’s decidedly a good thing in my book.