Spotted Minecraft Mini Biome Catches Gamers’ Attention Due To Features, Minecraft Earth Release Date Gets Clearer

Spotted Minecraft Mini Biome Catches Gamers’ Attention Due To Features, Minecraft Earth Release Date Gets Clearer
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

A Minecraft mini-biome has been spotted online, and its features have caught the attention of many gamers. Meanwhile, the Minecraft Earth may get an official release date soon.

Those who are familiar with the Mojang game must know the excitement of building a masterpiece. They can also attest to how challenging it is to come up with a piece worth sharing.

Just before this weekend, a mini-biome appeared on the web. And its cuteness did not fail to win the hearts of many Reddit users.

Created by D00M6661, the biome, which can be considered a diorama because of its small components, resembles a swamp. The Minecraft creation generated tons of curiosity from other Reddit users. They were amazed by how it was built piece by piece.

Specifically, curious users appreciated how the mushrooms were built. Someone even commented that the components look like they are “good to eat.” In the meantime, another one suggested that the creator must set up his own museum of mini-biomes.

Apart from this, another exciting news awaits the Mojang sandbox video game fans. It appears that the mobile title Minecraft Earth is going to have an official release date soon.

It can be recalled that the developer-publisher made a confirmation during the Minecon 2019 held last month. Based on their statement, the game will have an early access release starting October. The roll-out, though, would be gradual.

According to Microsoft, they will launch the highly anticipated title in a few selected markets at first. If the mobile game would enjoy a commendable reception among first users, more markets will be added.

The company is targeting to cover the entire market worldwide during the holiday season.

Before fans get giddy about trying Minecraft Earth, they need to consider several important notes first.

Interested players could only install the game if their mobile devices are running Android 7 or iOS 10 operating systems. This is the minimum requirement.

To get into the game, they need to sign up for a free account of Xbox Live. This will serve as their pass to continue with the game. Since signing in is required, it means that gamers need not worry about losing their progress. They can always go back to where they left off.

Microsoft further explained that even when the players lose their phones, there is nothing to be upset about. Every progress is saved on the cloud.

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