Madcatz Set To Launch Flagship Wireless Mouse, The R.A.T AIR Gaming With An Ultra Sleek Design

Madcatz Set To Launch Flagship Wireless Mouse, The R.A.T AIR Gaming With An Ultra Sleek Design
Credit: LittleBigPR via YouTube

American gaming marketer, MadCatz, will be launching a new flagship wireless mouse to take on PowerPlay from Logitech. The latest gaming device will feature the electrical capacitor technology built within the mouse mat’s activation board.

Akin to the Logitech model, MadCatz entry will continue to power the gaming mice to ensure it stays powered during extended plays. Surprisingly, the MadCatz R.A.T. AIR gaming mouse only weighs 100g, which can be attributed to the removal of its onboard batteries.

But compared to some of the gaming mice in the market, this flagship still is a bit weighty. The Logitech G Pro, for instance, only weighs 80g. And its 20 grams lighter than the MadCatz entry. However, this gaming peripheral has a knockout look with its ultra-modern design and features.

Aside from the peripheral only working when placed on the included board, this mouse has some good quality gaming advantages. It is powered by the Pixart PMW3389 sensors with 16,000 DPI levels. Max acceleration ranks at 50G, and maximum speed reaches up to 400 inches per second.

It features Omron switches for both its right and left buttons, which can be programmed with up to ten different functions. Aside from that, the R.A.T. AIR also goes beyond physical. It has a powerful customization feature, thanks to the R.A.T. Flux Software.
The customization feature allows its users to create and adjust some of the most critical mouse functions including profile creation, adjustments for the precision aim, sensor settings, and ambient illuminations.

The R.A.T. AIR is precision-engineered to provide every gamer with the ultimate gaming experience. Its components are made from durable materials to meet the demands of its users. The lightweight chassis construction creates a balance with its sensor position.

But one thing anyone would love about the AIR gaming mouse is its unique and ultra-sleek design. It sports an alien-like configuration with side buttons and a smooth RGB activation board.

MadCatz, the peripheral maker, has had some tough times the previous years, going through a liquidation process in 2017. The company was only able to return to the market after being acquired by a new ownership board. So, in a sense, MadCatz is re-entering the market with new and improved designs.

The MadCatz R.A.T. AIR is being touted for a European release and would be available roughly the same price as the Logitech activation board and gaming mouse combo.