Mario Kart Tour Tokyo Has Been Released Adding New Characters And A Diddy Kong Pack For Fans To Purchase

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo Has Been Released Adding New Characters And A Diddy Kong Pack For Fans To Purchase
Credit: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour has quickly sped its way into fan’s phones and become one of the most accessible racing games on the market. As it drifts into Tokyo, the game brings a new selection of characters, maps, and challenges. To the disappointment of fans, the game continues to keep their dice-roll pipe system, but other than that, everyone seems happy with the game.

This new tour brings Bowser Jr., Lakitu, and Wario into the game. Baby versions of Rosalina and the Koopa Kids are also available. You will also find new varients of Mario and Daisy in traditional Japanese garb availiable. Sadly, Luigi is still missing from the game for unknown reasons.

A new selection of tracks have been added to the game in this event. The main headliner is Tokyo Blur, but more famous tracks have also been added. Super Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, The Kalimari Desert from Mario Kart 64, and Mario Kart 7’s Neo Bowser City have all found a place in this new tour.

Reviews have remained positive on the game as fans enjoy the ease of play and the endless ad-free environment. It feels like a Mario Kart game, and even with the microtransactions, fans are still having a blast.

A new selection of bundles have appeared in the game, bringing some new items for players to purchase. One that has been receiving a large amount of attention is the ‘Diddy Kong Pack.’ This bundle offers players 90 Rubies, a Quick Ticket, and Diddy Kong as a playable character. It is being sold for $39.99.

Looking at the game’s normal pricing, this works out to be a good deal. The Rubies alone would cost much more than being offered, and by purchasing the whole pack, you are saving a large chunk of money. What is catching people’s attention is the price tag of this package.

As of this article, you can purchase Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the same price as this pack. This has brought many questions to the forefront of players’ minds as the pricing continues to make less sense when compared to other products.

You can download this game of iOS and Android devices. Microtransactions aside, this is still the best free Mario Kart experience on the market. As fans continue to advance through the game, more concerns and doubts bubble to the surface, so it will only be a matter of time till fans ask the inevitable question: When will the next Mario Kart game be released?