RollingKnight Is Now Available On Android

RollingKnight Is Now Available On Android
Credit: RollingKnight

Developer 37 Darkbreak Co released a brand new title on Google Play that is breaking into the mobile RPG genre. This new match-three RPG is titled RollingKnight and it explores the idea of alternative fantasy reality. This game mixes myths and legends into a blended story allowing players to side with famous characters from a variety of lore.

Ride alongside Don Quixote and his companions as you try and return order to a world torn apart my gods and magic. Starting in a humble village, players will slowly recruit famous characters to aid them in a puzzle-solving journey. Enjoy mini-games, unique worlds, and a story that slowly evolves through this mobile title.

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Gameplaywise, this title is very similar to Candy Crush as it’s based on a match 3 system. Match three pieces to clear them from the board, craft combos to create special pieces. These pieces can clear the board faster, and as players slowly unlock new combos they can build a better route.

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As players unlock new features, they can explore the world of magic and customize their own city. Collect Champions, legends, heroes, and more as you build armies against a real threat. The developers are so far promising to keep the game updated, but it is currently unknown if they will keep their word.

This title takes several features from popular games and mixes it into a unique blend. There are most likely ads within the game, but the severity of these ads is relatively unknown as well. This is a new title so many things have yet to be discovered by the game’s community.

Reviews for this title have been mixed with fans both excited for the title and disappointed. While some fans who preordered the title enjoyed the experience, a multitude of bugs and internet connection issues have bogged down the experience for some fans.

In addition, the puzzles have been deemed simplistic with many fans unsure of the game will get better. A forced tutorial makes this experience even more questionable as simple puzzles don’t exactly need explanation. While this is the opinion of some fans, it is uncertain whether or not this title will reach a wider audience.

This title does have more work that needs to be done, and many fans are willing to wait for it to evolve.

As for the audience, this game is viable for players of all ages. It contains no mature content, and has a childish truth to its general experience.

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RollingKnight is available on mobile devices.