Pokémon Go October Lineup: Halloween Events, Shedinja Special Research, Legendary Raids, And More

Pokémon Go October Lineup: Halloween Events, Shedinja Special Research, Legendary Raids, And More
Credit: The Pokémon Company via YouTube

The month of October is looking to be a busy holiday fest for Pokémon Go as Nintendo and Niantic get ready to give players a jam-packed month. Pokémon Go developer Niantic has detailed some of the events and activities planned for next month.

To start, next month’s Special Research Breakthrough will be the Ghost/Bug-type pokémon Shedinja. Each time players complete a Research Breakthrough during the month of October, they’ll get a chance to catch a Shedinja.

Some new Legendary Raids are also coming to Pokémon Go this month. Two of the legendary birds, Moltres and Zapdos will be available to encounter in 5-Star Raids, as well as the Origin Forme Giratina. The dates of availability are listed below.

-September 25 – October 2: Zapdos
-October 2 – 9: Moltres
-October 9 – 23: Origin Forme Giratina

In order to celebrate The Pokémon Company’s partnership with fashion brand Longchamp Paris, Niantic is including a Fashion event during the first part of the month from October 2-8. During this event, high-fashion pokémon such as Kirlia and Smoochum can be hatched from 7KM eggs wearing special fashion items such as bows and tophats.

In addition, the following pokémon will spawn more frequently in the wild:


To top the Fashion week off, players will have the chance to encounter a shiny Kricketot after completing Field Research throughout the week as well.

On October 10, Niantic will be hosting a special, limited-time Research event that will shine the spotlight on Meowth and its Kantonian, Alolan, and Galarian forms.

October’s Community Day is staged for the middle of the month, on the 17th. Charmander, the runner-up for the previous Community Day, is October’s featured pokémon. If you can manage to evolve the pokémon to its final form Charizard during the event, you will gain the opportunity to teach it the Fast attack Dragon Breath.

Unfortunately as of the writing of this article, Niantic hasn’t released any information pertaining to the Halloween holiday season. However, in previous years the devs at Niantic have introduced some sort of event that deals with Ghost-type pokémon such as Gengar or Mismagius.

Considering that many Gen 4 and 5 pokémon have been released following last year’s Halloween event, it’s likely that we’ll get to see some new Ghost-type pokémon available for capture throughout the month.

Keep a lookout throughout the month for special Halloween pokémon and items!