Aquanox Deep Descent Is A Unique Underwater Shooter Headed to PC This October

Aquanox Deep Descent Is A Unique Underwater Shooter Headed to PC This October
Credit: Steam XO

The entire world has flooded and humanity now lives below the surface of the ocean in giant bubbles. Ignorant of their past, humanity is still waging war but this time in the dangers of the deep. Aquanox places players in the role of an underwater pilot who must face all the dangers of the deep and unknown sea.

This title is designed to be an epic and dark story that up to four players can enjoy together. Explore a world already destroyed by war as humanity deals with the penalties of th

After the surface of the earth was abandoned in ruin, humanity now populates the oceans. With the sea os their home, ocean pilots travel across the land they call Aqua. Each pilot drives a custom ship that is used to explore the deep sea and find resources needed for survival.

Travel into a deep first-person underwater shooter experience. Control a variety of ships as you engage in fierce battles over the control of the sea.

Humankind is living in mining and research stations far below the surface of the sea. For many people, this is the life they have only known as humanity has been reduced to a network of near-abandoned underwater settlements.

You will control a team of highly trained fighters as you explore a dark and driving story. Send your enemies to death with torpedoes, plant floating mines, and journey across the oceans of the world exploring even the deepest of trenches.

The game offers fans a coop experience for up to four-player. Each pilot is unique and can be customized to fit a particular playstyle. Customize your hero and their ship as you slowly make your way through this unique world.

This entire project is based on the original AquaNox released back in 2001. Although the new version of the game is much further along than previous titles, the dystopian future is still an impressive world to explore.

This title may contain questionable material so audiences should be careful before purchasing it. Spread across this title is general mature content so be warned.

Aquanox: Deep Descent comes from Digital Arrow and is set to release on October 16th. This title is releasing on Steam with no console ports reported as of yet. Prepare to enter an unforgiving world found at the bottom of the ocean, and decide whether to face its horrors alone or with your friends.