Dissident: Frostland Escape Is A Winter Themed Survival Adventure Headed To PC Next Year

Dissident: Frostland Escape Is A Winter Themed Survival Adventure Headed To PC Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

Dissident: Frostland Escape is headed for Steam next year from Tequilabyte Studio. This unique title will take players to a world of an oppressive regime where you and your brethren must stand against tyranny. Struggle to survive in a world full of frost, hunger, and wilderness as you explore a randomly generated map. This title takes war survival to a whole new level.

Endure the cruelty of the overlord as you must make hard decisions. Stay and suffer, leave, the choice is up to you. As you try and survive in a frost land filled with unforgiving wilderness this title will challenge every fiber of your fight or flight instinct.

This is a survival game about escaped prisoners who have made it out of a forced labor camp. This tale is progressive, atmospheric, and filled with historical facts.  Feel the cold and try to escape from hell on earth.

Your survival outside the camp is based on what you can steal and carry. Use your raw physical skill to try and survive in the unforgiving lands as you face wolves, bears, and more.

While you fight nature itself the legion will continue to hunt you down. Night patrols, tracking parties, and more will continue to try and find you as they strive with one goal in mind, killing you. If you survive you will act as proof of the atrocities they have committed in this unique frozen hell.

Enjoy the unique thoughts and madness system as you deal with abusive guards and solitary moments. This game does not cater to the weak of heart as it tells a very real and powerful story about those who did escape.

Escape, chase, and survive as you make your home in the cold winter. The game provides a modular map and you must deal with frost, hunger, and nature in your quest to survive. Try and make it for as long as possible for as long as you live there is proof of what has been done.

Select from a wide group of characters whose varying skills will aid you in survival. Teachers, politicians, soldiers, artists and more are all victims of the government and could be found in such a horrible camp.

This game is all about freedom, so grab your torch and earn your right to live.

Dissident: Frostland Escape will be available next year on PC. Prepare to survive hell on earth in a unique frozen wasteland.