Partisans 1941Is A Unique RTS Strategy Game Headed For Steam Next Month

Partisans 1941Is A Unique RTS Strategy Game Headed For Steam Next Month
Credit: Steam XO

In Partisans 1941 players will enter a unique mix of strategy and history in this war title. Set on the Eastern Front players must battle to hold their ground in a famous segment of WWII. This war title is expecting to release worldwide on Steam starting on October 14th.

Till then, the game is in Closed Beta and is looking for community feedback. Players are welcome to apply for the Beta through the developer’s website where they are actively seeking improvements to their unique title. This game is a real-time stealth and tactics based experience so be sure to be on guard during every operation.

Partisans 1941 is a real-time strategy game that mixes combat with stealth elements. Enter the Eastern Front of WWII as an army commander stuck behind enemy lines. Gather a group of Partisans and wage a unique guerilla war against the German occupation.

Enter into a unique blend of stealth, action, and research management as you mix a strategy game with base-building elements. Lead a group of Partisans against the German occupation as you use every tactical advantage you have to fight a losing battle. Study the environment and take advantage of tactical weaknesses that the enemy may have overlooked.

Meanwhile, your resistance camp is hidden deep in the woods. Build up your forces as you plan each tactical move through the war. Find allies to recruit, form squads, and take on several tactical missions.

This game offers fans a fresh approach to stealth tactics as a genre. By mixing stealth, combat and ambush strategies players get to bring chaos to the enemy troops in their own unique ways.

Lead a squad of rebels as you use each of their strengths to find the right solution to a world of problems. As you recruit new resistance members you will learn the routine of their lives and feel a need to ensure their survival.

Gain a new perspective on WWII as you see the war from a resistance stance rather then a strictly military one. With different motivations and backgrounds players will gain a unique understanding of the world around them.

This title does deal with some mature themes so be sure that players are comfortable with blood, swearing, and scenes of war.

Partisans 1941 will release onto Steam as of October 14th, 2020. For more information be sure to explore the game’s Steam page and website which contains deep lore and background on this unique title.