Tormented Souls Is A Survival Horror Experience Coming To Console And PC Sometime Next Year

Tormented Souls Is A Survival Horror Experience Coming To Console And PC Sometime Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

Prepare for a dark and disturbing adventure as Tormened Souls plans is console and PC release next year. Publisher PQube has partnered with developers Abstract Digital Qorks and Dual Effect to create a horror classic similar to the original Resident Evil. This classic experience sends players into the dark unknown on a retro adventure that is sure to shock and amaze fans.

A new trailer has debuted showing the Tormented Souls’ eerie environment and retro mechanics. Players are recommended to prepare for a dark and long adventure through puzzle-filled hallways of a mysterious and scary mansion.

Take control of Caroline Walker who goes on an investigation into the disappearance of two twin girls at Winterlake. When she finds herself naked in a bathtub hooked to scary and bizarre equipment she must escape the abandoned mansion and fight her past the horrors that lurk within.

Enjoy familiar horror tropes in a new dark and spooky setting. From resources management to combining items to solve puzzles players will learn the deep and intricate truth to the abandoned mansion.

Learn to travel into alternate dimensions using shimmering gates as Caroline discovers a new power. Manipulate the fabric of reality and solve the mystery of Winterlake in this thrilling horror experience.

This game is designed to draw from the classic survival horror legends. Experience a modern take on fixed-perspective adventures as you enjoy a modernized control scheme and a more dynamic camera. For classic horror fans, this game retains the style that everyone has loved for years.

Although the mansion seems abandoned do not be fooled. Dark forces are around every corner as unspeakable horrors do everything to stop you from discovering the truth. Be alert at all times, fight terrors of the mansion, and explore the depths of your own twisted mind.

The developers are actively looking for feedback. Join their community section on Steam to share player thoughts and experiences. Fans should hit the wishlist to remember this title for later purchase.

If you are a classic horror fan looking for something new then this title might be the exact thing you need. Experience classic tropes, explore a mansion, and learn the secrets of a fascinating new character.

Tormented Souls will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2021. Be sure to keep this title saved for later as it returns to a retro and classic theme. Horror fans, prepare to be scared.