Twitter Hacker Was Well-Known To Run Scams In Minecraft, Scamming Many Players Over The Years

Twitter Hacker Was Well-Known To Run Scams In Minecraft, Scamming Many Players Over The Years
Credit: Mojang Studios

The Infamous Twitter hacker, who name is Graham Ivan Clark, had tricked a Twitter employee to giving him access to the Customer Service Portal and proceeded to use his new power to have big twitter accounts like Kayne West, Elon Musk, and many others tweeting about a Bitcoin scam that he was running.

Sadly, this isn’t the only scam that the Twitter hacker has run, and He used to run scams on Minecraft

Initially, he gained some popularity after creating a YouTube channel, where he would play Harcore Factions. A game type that many tune in to watch as the high-stakes and quick action keeps people’s attention very quickly

If you need a Minecraft YouTube channel to watch, go check out Fundy, who has created a fully working version of Minecraft inside the game of Minecraft!

On his channel, he went by either “Open” or “OpenHFC” since the beginning, he grew a substantial reputation for hustling and scamming other players and amazingly even other small YouTubers. 

During this time, a Minecraft player by the name of Colby Meeds, who at the time paid the Ivan Clark $50 to sell Mr. Meeds a digital cape for a Minecraft character but after receiving the money, Ivan immediately blocked Mr. Meeds never delivering on his promise of the cape.  

Another example of Ivan scamming people is when Nick Jerome, a student at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, talked with Ivan over Skype.

During this conversation, which was released after New York Times managed to contact Mr. Jerome, Mr. Jerome and Ivan agreed that Mr. Jerome would pay for Ivan’s Minecraft user name of “Open” to the tune of $100. 

Sadly, Mr. Jerome had sent the money to Ivan first, and as he is prone to do, Ivan kept the money, and the username then proceeded to block Mr. Jerome, effectively scamming him out of $100. 

Mr. Jerome stated, “I was just kind of a dumb teenager, and looking back, there’s no way I should have ever done this. Why should I ever have trusted this dude?” 

Not only did Ivan scam other Minecraft players, but from late 2016 to early 2017, other Minecraft YouTuber produced numerous videos describing how they either faced online attacks or lost money after dealing with a Minecraft player by the name of “Open.” 

One such example of a YouTuber speaking about Ivan is when MeeZoid, a prominent Minecraft YouTuber that still uploads to this day, published a video about Ivan back in 2016. If you want to check him out, he uploaded as recently as today!