Minecraft Streamer, Gisthekey, Recently Died In His Hardcore World After 500 Hours!

Minecraft Streamer, Gisthekey, Recently Died In His Hardcore World After 500 Hours!
Credit: Gisthekey Via Twitch

Minecraft streamers have been gaining popularity during this pandemic; this is in addition to Minecraft itself gaining substantial popularity during the quarantine, raising its monthly active player base from 126 million, as reported in May, to close to 132 million in the most recent report.

This increased attention has translated to many more viewers for Minecraft-centered viewers, one streamer that has been doing this for much more than the quarantine is Gisthekey. He has been streaming his hardcore survival world, where he spent a total of 500 hours playing.

A hardcore survival world is significantly different when compared to the standard Minecraft world or even a hard difficulty version of the Minecraft world.  This is because while the world’s difficulty is set to hard in a hardcore world, in addition to that, if the player dies, they cannot respawn and if the world is on a single player, then it is automatically deleted.

This means that for players thinking cautiously is a must, or they can lose all their progress in an instance. This type of game mode forces players to be constantly aware of their surroundings, and even more of Creepers that may be lurking around the corner waiting for the best moment to strike.

During this time, Gisthekey has built everything from a beacon to various other creations over the 500+ hours that he has spent in the same Minecraft world.

Gisthekey was trying to create a zoo below his house and wanted a more exotic mob than a standard creeper in a cage. He used an enchanted trident, with the enchantment called channeling. This enchantment makes lightning appear wherever the trident lands.

This can be used to create supercharged Creepers, which is precisely what Gisthekey did, after creating a supercharged Creeper. He stumbled and fell right next to the Creeper with only armor on, without a shield or a totem of undying to protect him.

He fell victim to the supercharged Creeper, but thankfully, he took it in stride, laughing it off after the initial shock faded.

Other Minecraft streamers have been significantly more heartbroken after losing all of their hard work, but it’s nice to see Gisthekey laugh it off, and he’s already started on his new world!

Go check out his twitch here and the unfortunate moment where the Creeper is clipped here.