Minecraft Windows Edition, Minecraft Beta Fixes For Performance And For Gameplay!

Minecraft Windows Edition, Minecraft Beta Fixes For Performance And For Gameplay!
Credit: Mojang Studios

The Minecraft Beta has been updated with the most recent version is, this update is for the Bedrock edition for the game meaning that this update effects Minecraft on different systems including Windows 10, Android, and Xbox One.

In this Minecraft Beta update, there are several performances and stability fixes. These fixes include fixing several crashes that could occur during gameplay.

Another fix includes a fix for a crash that would occur when attempting to create a world that uses the Tropical City Resort mash-up pack. Another fix that this update offer is a fix for an issue that could cause a hang-up when trying to open certain worlds. These fixes make the game more stable allowing for longer play periods without crashes or hang-ups.

Another fix that this Minecraft Update offers is the fact that it fixed an issue with projectiles being prematurely destroyed if they didn’t deal any damage, If players want this feature enabled then it now has been added as an option.

One Graphical bug that this update fix is the rendering issue that could happen when the player was riding a mount.

This update also adds usage to the command for /replaceitem, this overloaded command now has an option to destroy or keep the command will return an item occupies that slot.

A bug that this update squash is the bug that could potentially ruin a gameplay experience, this bug caused loot chests to generate but these chests didn’t contain any loot. This could potentially make a large and arduous journey, not worth it, instead making it both a waste of time and waste of resources.

Some warnings about Minecraft Beta, By joining the beta will replace your game with the beta version of Minecraft and when you change your version to this beta version, players lose access to Minecraft Realms. The Minecraft Beta version won’t be able to join non-beta players while you’re playing the beta.

Another warning about switching to the beta version is that any worlds played or created in the beta version cannot be opened in any previous version of the game so please make copies of worlds to prevent losing them.

If Players want to join or leave the beta, then players will need to go to this website.