Syntherapy Is A Therapy Based Visual Novel Adventure Game Headed To Steam This October, 2020

Syntherapy Is A Therapy Based Visual Novel Adventure Game Headed To Steam This October, 2020
Credit: Steam XO

A brand new video has just been released for the visual novel adventure game Syntherapy. Explore the theoretical as you explore whether an AI can develop mental health issues. Apply conventional psychotherapy techniques to a sentient AI as you explore how an artificial life form would handle a psychological crisis.

Explore a visual novel as you take the role of psychotherapist Dr. Melissa Park. This experience is not recommended for children or those light of heart. Players should keep in mind this is a very serious story following real medical conditions.

If AI were sentient, could they suffer from mental health issues? Enter a world full of rich stories that explore the mental health and ethics of sentient AIs. Experience mental health sessions as you follow the lessons of this evolving system.

Experience the heart of this mental health case as you see the effect of your choices and treatments. Experience powerful consequences to mental health problems that will keep you coming back round after round.

When the experimental AI program Willow starts showing signs for concern, it is up to Dr. Melissa Park to ensure its mental well being. After the president of the university brings up concerns about the ramifications of Willow’s sentience, Melissa will have to fight to keep Willow online.

Syntherapy takes a look at the ethics surrounding advanced AI and explores mental health topics that are sensitive in today’s society. Explore the wider questions of morality and human behavior as they apply to artificially constructed beings. This is a deep and philosophical journey into the dark unknown.

This title will challenge players with thought-provoking dialogue choices and a complex loyalty management system. The game takes player choices, play style, and topics all into account when forming how the story can progress.

Experience a wide variety of in-game music mixed with over 37 possible endings. As you explore a variety of topics from mental health and mental illness you will slowly uncover the backstories of the entire main cast.

Fans that enjoy visual novels will enjoy this unique experience. Those who are sensitive to emotional pain should avoid this title as it asks some deep and important questions about mental health and the meaning of existence.

Syntherapy comes from Crowned Daemon Studios and is expected to launch in October of this year. Prepare to make difficult decisions as you explore the life of a Dr. in a mental health facility.