Get Ready For An Artificial Intelligence Thriller Named Observation Availiable On Steam

Get Ready For An Artificial Intelligence Thriller Named Observation Availiable On Steam
Credit: DevolverDigital via Youtube

Get ready for the BAFTA-winning AI thriller Observation as it launches on Steam for PC audiences. Uncover the truth of what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher as you view the events through the station’s artificial intelligence named S.A.M.

Operate the controls systems, cameras, and tools to assist Emma in her investigation. Discover the truth of what happened to the station, the crew, and S.A.M. in a beautifully crafted sci-fi thriller.

This game has raving reviews, stunning graphics, and a unique story. Most games put players as the victims of an AI, but Observation puts you in a unique perspective. See the adventure from the lens of an AI in this game from No Code.

Observation is a mixture of classic science fiction and modern puzzle design. The attention to detail shown in this game is made amazingly clear with the heightened graphics and small nods to other franchises.

Experience a unique blend between narrative and cosmic existential horror. Try to understand the true nature of yourself as an AI, your crew of humans, and the mystery of the always-present hexagon on Saturn.

This game has won tons of different awards across multiple organizations and contests. Metacritic has given it a 79 rating to this game; meanwhile, Steam’s reviews hold the game at a constant 77% showing that fans have a mostly positive view of this game.

Devolver Digital is in charge of publishing this title. This publisher has had a successful time taking small companies and indie games and bringing them to the wider audience. After successfully launching the game on PlayStation 4, the Epic Game Store, and the Humble Store, the publishers are bringing the game to Steam for purchase.

For more information, be sure to visit the game’s main website. There, interested fans can find screenshots, videos, and more about this title. Pledge your life to the future AI overlord and embrace the experience offered in Observation.

Until May 28, Observation is being sold for 50% discount. Make sure to catch this extra discount while it is still live to save money on this amazing title.

Observation is available on Steam, Humble Bundle, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Store for $24.99. This game has been loved by fans so far and is a must-buy for anyone who likes science fiction games. Enjoy the unique perspective of a station AI and explore what it means to exist when you’re made of code and numbers. This is a deep mystery that is just waiting to be discovered.