LCS – FlyQuest Popped Off This Split, Taking Down Other Top Tier North American Teams, Look Great Going Into Worlds

LCS – FlyQuest Popped Off This Split, Taking Down Other Top Tier North American Teams, Look Great Going Into Worlds
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

In a recent upward surge, FlyQuest have been making their way through the LCS Spring and Summer Split.. With an upset over Cloud9, FlyQuest qualified for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship yet couldn’t take down Team Solo Mid for the LCS title.

FlyQuest is still the underdogs going into their Worlds Group, called a Group of Death. But their recent resurgence on the local LCS scene could make FlyQuest one of their toughest opponents for the Chinese and Korean squads.

FlyQuest has a slight recent edge over the Eastern teams due to their surprise tactics, but they need to combine it with great gameplay to be able to perform well at Worlds.  Here’s what you can expect from FlyQuest this World Championship. PowerOfEvil’s case for MVP, FlyQuest‘s key to victory, and the battle over Shen. FlyQuest’s mid laner and MVP candidate, PowerOfEvil, was instrumental to the team’s success this split. PowerOfEvil had an incredible performance against C9 lately on carry champions like LeBlanc and Azir, as well as a decent showing on Malzahar.

In an inverse of what they did last week to claim victory over C9, FlyQuest need to be aggressive as opposed to playing a slow and reactive game. While being able to outpace C9 and shutting out their key players to halt their snowball potential was monumental in that win, the World Championship participants are stylistically the opposite of that. A lot of their victories in the playoffs and regular split have been slow and methodical shutouts through objective control and team fighting. This led to them having a longer average game time than other teams.

To support this initial aggression, IgNar, Santorin, and PowerOfEvil must work together to get vision control and early tempo around the map. All three players have been vital to accruing early-game leads for the team across all parts of the map.

In the global playoffs, Shen has had an increased presence in both pick and ban rates.  FlyQuest has been willing to put their top laner, Solo, on the pick. It could be crucial to their success this World Championship so all eyes should be on their top laner.

In champion select, FlyQuest will need to decide the risk and reward of overprioritizing Shen and understand the potential downfall of letting enemies pick up the champion. If they practiced it, then the main tactic of FlyQuest might be shut down and we might not see them make it out of groups.