Ocean’s Heart Is An Upcoming Pixel-Art Adventure Headed For Steam Next Year

Ocean’s Heart Is An Upcoming Pixel-Art Adventure Headed For Steam Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a unique and beautiful pixel world that mixes RPG mechanics with a modern twist. Ocean’s Heart will take fans on a unique journey as they travel into a detailed and spirited world of myth and legend. Discover the secrets hidden within the land as you explore every inch of the marvelous environment.

This is a game filled with activities and quests. Prepare to lose hours exploring the countryside and diving into lost dungeons as you slowly learn about the secrets of the land. This title draws from a classic 90s adventure mindset and applys it in a unique and driving way.

Enter into an epic top-down adventure that mixes RPG mechanics with action sequences. As you slowly explore an archipelago you will become acquainted with the main character, a young woman named Tilia. Take on new contracts, fight strange monsters, and defeat evil foes as you unravel the mystery of your homeland.

Tilia is on a quest to find her mission father. Only by traveling through the ruins of a flooded kingdom can she hope to make any progress. Every land you explore has tons of secrets and sidequests just waiting to be accessed.

Watch you, as there are fearsome monsters with weapons and magic hoping to stop you. Outmaneuver and defeat them, then search their bodies for special materials that can be used to upgrade your weapons.

This game does hold a crafting system that will allow players a chance to craft potions, weapons, and more. Explore the world and harvest its resources as you slowly enjoy a unique and thrilling fantasy adventure.

Combat is best done through experimentation as you find your own way to bring down every foe. As the enemies get bigger, you will find that even the simplest boss battles will keep you moving and on your toes.

There is nothing pushing players thought this quest allowing fans the ability to enjoy this title at their own pace. Rather than trying to race the clock or speed through, fans are invited to enjoy their time in this strange land and explore everything it has to offer.

This game is a unique title with a retro theme suitable for fans of all ages.

Interested fans can find Ocean’s Heart on Steam. The title will be available early next year, till then fans are recommended to wishlist the title for later purchase. Get ready for an epic ocean-based quest.