Seed of Life Is A Unique Sci-Fi Puzzle Game Headed To Steam Next Year

Seed of Life Is A Unique Sci-Fi Puzzle Game Headed To Steam Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a unique dystopian world which is covered in strange and alien creatures. In Seed of Life players will take on the role of Cora as she travels across her world. She is looking for a mysterious device known only as the Seed which is rumored to have the power to restore life to the entire planet.

This game will allow players to travel through a labyrinth style planet as they slowly gain special abilities. Conquer the dangers of the world and bring about change as you make new friends and go on a truly engaging and emotional journey. This game mixes RPG standard, stealth functions, and overall modern game design into a unique blend of theory and activation.

Enter into an epic adventure that revolves around the persistence of life. Play as Cora, the last survivor of her planet Lumia. As her planets only hope to save the world, she must activate the Seed of Life and rekindle the entire sun. Become the light that conquers all darkness.

As you travel through the game the sun will slowly die above you. The darker it gets, the more the world falls into chaos with invaders appearing out of thin air. They searched for only one treasure, the life force of the planet itself.

It is up to you to find the source of life and activate an ancient machine which will put everything right. Let the light guide you as you become one with goodness and strength in this unique adventure game.

This is an emotional and powerful journey that will take players through a world of mystery and woe. Face your fears and fight to bring back the dying world from the brink of extinction.

The game is set in a beautiful dystopian future where players can interact with the fading world. Enter an environment that mixes bright colors with utter darkness in a beautiful and artistic blend of themes.

Enjoy a dynamic adventure that packs story driven action with puzzles and shadows. Learn unique abilities and try to survive in a very hostile and dangerous world.

This game opens fans to the opportunity to explore the vast world aroundthem. There are secrets hidden around everywhere and only the clever can survive the challneges needed to find them.

Seed of Life is slated for next year from MAdLightStudio. The game plans to release as a PC title with no console ports on the docket as of yet.