The End Of The Sun – The Adventure In Slavic Fantasy World Launches On Kickstarter

The End Of The Sun – The Adventure In Slavic Fantasy World Launches On Kickstarter
Credit: End of the Sun via Steam

The End of the Sun Team has launched the Kickstarter project The End of the Sun, an adventure story-based game. The title features first-person exploration set in a Slavic fantasy world. While the Kickstarter is available now, the Steam page has also been revealed with additional information about the game and the option to wishlist it.

The End of the Sun contains a series of mysterious events that ordinary people are forced to deal with. These people live in a small village where the line between myth and reality is beginning to fade.

The player takes control of Ashler (Volhv), who has the unique ability to travel in time and knows about the place where human fates are shaped in Navia. Ashler follows the trail of a fugitive to a mysterious village that’s empty except for the remains of smothered fires.

Time travel comes at a risk. Some paths open if the right decisions are made, but everything has an impact on the future.

The End of the Sun was inspired by Slavic mythology and legends. The game takes place around four major Slavic festivals during the four seasons but in a mystical way.

The game was inspired by adventure and exploration games with complex puzzles, but the story is the primary focus. The story itself is non-linear, and players can experience them at their own pace in the open world.

The developers visited ethnographic museums to ensure graphics were top-class and high-quality. They scanned hundreds of objects and entire buildings, plus the natural environment so players could enjoy the Slavonic climate. There are also dynamic and lighting conditions to make the world more realistic.

The End of the Sun is planned to launch on PC via Windows, Mac, and Linux. The console ports on PlayStation 4 and Xbox will only be available if stretch goals are met, and a Nintendo Switch version is an even higher goal. The team’s dream is to release the title in VR.

Full audio will be available in English and Polish, with interface and subtitles in German, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, and Chinese simplified. More languages may be added if stretch goals are reached.

No demo is available because of how the game is structured. But, the developers did release a 20-minute gameplay video for players to learn more about the world.

The End of the Sun Kickstarter is still ongoing. The planned release window for the game is 2020-2021, but no set date has been announced.