My Time At Sandrock Reveals More Information Regarding Friendships And Marriage

My Time At Sandrock Reveals More Information Regarding Friendships And Marriage
Credit: Pathea Games via YouTube

As Pathea Games begins to wrap up its My Time at Sandrock Kickstarter this month, the developer continues to release new information about the game. Many have learned that the game would expand upon the original, but some wondered about how romance and friendship would work in the sequel.

The developer has shared more information and images about the bachelors and bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock. All of the characters in the game will be more interactive. Almost everyone will have character-specific quest lines but more dialogue. Fewer NPCs will be romanceable at first, but the developer wants players to have a unique and memorable experience with the love interest of their choice.

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Romance all begins with a good foundation. Players who help out a certain NPC will unlock new missions, stat boosts, store discounts, and additional help if needed. Once friendship blossoms into love, players can go on dates with NPCs, which may lead to marriage, then having children.

The Kickstarter page has a short video of a date in progress. The protagonist can choose from a variety of date choices, including having a conversation to get to know the character better. Players will need to choose the right dialogue option, with either casual talk or a simple compliment, to make their date happy.

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My Time at Sandrock will contain several NPCs to choose from. Even if players decide not to romance a character, they can build a lasting friendship. Players can learn more about all of Sandrock’s characters, from their hopes, dreams, to their personal dreams. This time, Panthea Games has stated it plans to have NPCs interact more with each other, unlike the first game.

The game stars a builder who has been recruit to the small city of Sandrock. When the protagonist arrives, they discover a land with crumbling buildings, run-down shops, and residents eager to leave. It’s up to players to use their wits to bring villagers back together and rebuild the city into a thriving place once again.

My Time at Sandrock was inspired by Miyazaki films, Harvest Moon series, and Dark Cloud 2. The game was fully funded and is working on completing stretch goals. The game has already unlocked multiplayer, more character customization, a buggy racing mini-game, and more visitors from Portia.

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My Time at Sandrock is planned to launch on March 31, 2021, in Early Access.