Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Safari World, For Players Who Might Want A Break From The Dinosaurs!

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Safari World, For Players Who Might Want A Break From The Dinosaurs!
Credit: Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft‘s popular and more widespread supported game mode is the Bedrock edition; this edition is on various devices ranging from the Nintendo Switch to the Xbox and is even available on the PC itself. This version cannot have the standard mods that players have grown accustomed to adding to Minecraft Instead, and the Bedrock edition has the Minecraft Marketplace.

The Minecraft Marketplace features user-generated content available for purchase using Minecraft’s currency called the Minecoin. This Marketplace has an extensive catalog that ranges from adding a single interesting item/theme into Minecraft to some user creations featuring voice acting and its own unique story.

The Marketplace place item is called the Safari World, which was created by Cyclone Designs. This item adds a brand new world that offers a wide array of different additions and animals currently not added into Minecraft.

These animals include Linos, Zebras, Giraffes; these animals can be interacted with and photographed by the player, just like people would act in a real safari.

The models of these animals look fantastic and have a large amount of detail for the limitations that Minecraft places on its users. The textures for all the animals look like the Mojang developers themselves added these animals. The high detail shown in the elephant’s trunk looks great, especially because it has the fold that elephants commonly have on their skin.

The safari wouldn’t be complete without more than just a few animals; the developers behind Cyclone Designs added many animals and environments to explore.

Are you looking for a jungle biome in Minecraft that houses more than just parrots? The Safari Park’s jungle biome houses everything from tigers to anteaters.

Looking to recreate the Lion King Pride Rock and need the surrounding animals that all bowed to Simba in the film? Then start building in this biome and have the animals prevalent in the film surround and look on in wonder as you recreate this iconic location.

Luckily unlike in the Lion King, the player has two main ways to get from each biome quickly. The Safari Park for Minecraft comes with two cars, one which is incredibly quick and can hold up to two different players while the second is similar to a tour bus.

These two cars are in addition to the fact that this item comes with various differently themed skins, which can get the player into the Safari Park Feeling!