LCS – Cloud9 Confirmed The Same League Of Legends Roster For Upcoming LCS Spring Split 2021

LCS – Cloud9 Confirmed The Same League Of Legends Roster For Upcoming LCS Spring Split 2021
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

All five players on Cloud9’s League of Legends roster will be returning to the team next year, the organization announced in a postseason interview with popular streamer IWillDominate today.

This was one of the most up and down years in recent memory for C9 fans. During the 2020 Spring Split, the team finally got the monkey off their back and won an LCS championship after a dominant 17-1 split. Their stranglehold over the league was felt throughout the playoffs after only dropping one game in the postseason.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split started off in a similar fashion. The roster won the first eight games of the season but began to drop games periodically during the second half of the round robin. Many fans chalked this up to the team experimenting with different drafts or simply having a bad day at the time.

But an uncharacteristic 0-2 week with losses against TSM and Golden Guardians gave the team and fan base a rude wake-up call that might have come a bit too late. The playoffs came around and C9’s disappointing run culminated in a quick exit with losses to FlyQuest and TSM.

Whether it was a failed read on the meta or other teams finally catching up to their level, C9 couldn’t stay ahead of the LCS pack and were ultimately left behind. But their play throughout the Spring Split and half of the summer can’t be ignored. At their best, C9’s current roster still has the potential to be the best in NA.

With C9 running back the team next year, League fans can expect them to lock in and aim to dominate domestically and guarantee a visit to international events as well.

Recently, Head Coach Repeared departed the team. At this moment, there is no confirmation as to the reason behind his departure. However, it seems that this wasn’t a sudden split decision, as the team released an extensive interview and discussion with him during the announcement, showing some level of preparation.

In his tenure as coach, Reapered has led Cloud9 through plenty of ups and downs, but even the most jaded of fans are forced to admit that there have been many, many more ups for the titanic team. Having played for the team before coaching them, Reapered has had a hand in much of the organization over the last decade. He was one of the best coaches in all the regions and the results showed that.