LCS – FlyQuest Took Down Team Liquid Convincingly In League Championship Series Summer Split Playoffs

LCS – FlyQuest Took Down Team Liquid Convincingly In League Championship Series Summer Split Playoffs
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

It look them a full five-game series, but FlyQuest have finally locked in their place at the 2020 Summer Finals with an impressive performance against Team Liquid.

With this victory, FlyQuest have earned themselves two consecutive LCS finals runs in a row, while Liquid will now have to make their way back through the losers bracket of the League of Legends tournament.

Both teams were trying out different styles of compositions, but FlyQuest simply outplayed Liquid through great teamfighting and macro decision-making. They also controlled a lot of the neutral objectives and had awesome early game proactivity that helped propel their lead into wins.

Each player stepped up to the plate and provided some firepower. From top to bottom lane, the team had moments that really pushed Liquid to the edge. Meanwhile, Liquid struggled to maintain consistency across most of their lanes—save for their resident rookie Tactical, who tried his hardest to keep his team in the series.

One problem that Liquid had through the series was their inability to stick with a team composition style that they were comfortable with. For example, they tried a poke-heavy draft in game three, but that style hasn’t been something they’ve been able to find success with yet.

Unfortunately for Liquid fans, game five had Liquid on a comfortable team composition, but FlyQuest were simply the better team with better drafts and execution at the end of the day.

In an inverse of what they did last week to claim victory over C9, FlyQuest need to be aggressive as opposed to playing a slow and reactive game. While being able to outpace C9 and shutting out their key players to halt their snowball potential was monumental in that win, the World Championship participants are stylistically the opposite of that. A lot of their victories in the playoffs and regular split have been slow and methodical shutouts through objective control and team fighting. This led to them having a longer average game time than other teams.

To support this initial aggression, IgNar, Santorin, and PowerOfEvil must work together to get vision control and early tempo around the map. All three players have been vital to accruing early-game leads for the team across all parts of the map.

In the global playoffs, Shen has had an increased presence in both pick and ban rates.  FlyQuest has been willing to put their top laner, Solo, on the pick. It could be crucial to their success this World Championship so all eyes should be on their top laner.