LCS – Team SoloMid Narrowly Takes Down Team Liquid To Advance On The Summer Finals

LCS – Team SoloMid Narrowly Takes Down Team Liquid To Advance On The Summer Finals
Credit: LoL VOD Library

The five-game series of the Team SoloMid and Team Liquid is nothing short of excitement and ferocious. The League of Legends‘ 2020 Summer Championship Series is outright full of unexpected results, intense series, and postseason games that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

The two veteran teams battle it out for a spot in the 2020 LCS Summer Finals as TSM comes in supreme by just hair.

As a result of the matchup, FlyQuest now has finite foes for the long-awaited Summer Split Finals. The victors will represent the Nort American region as the top-seeded team comes to the World Championship this year. Not to be scuffed at, Team Liquid has muscled through the third-ranked team for the said region.

TSM started the series strong with Ocean Dragon Soul on their side and not letting TL acquire a single drake for the first game. Liquid boys advances where they can and took down early towers of TSM. TL also secured first Rift Heralds and Baron, but TSM picks led them to a significant gold advantage. TSM played the gold lead through the late-game, securing their Elder and Baron buffs.

Liquid Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen’s Twisted Fate roamed the map for game two, with Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen alongside him. The duo, with the help of quick foot enhancements, wanders in jungle team fights and flanking side-lane kills. The kills and unstoppable duo snowballed throughout game two as Liquid had a 10,000-gold advantage and put themselves on the scoreboard. Game three was more the same as Jensen’s Twisted Fate showing too much for TSM to handle. TL had the same gold advantage and positioned themselves to a match point.

Just not ready to end their series yet, TSM picked Shen for their jungle with Mingyi “Spica” Lu handling the said hero. Late into game four, Spica stole Baron to tilt the momentum in TSM’s favor. In cooperation with Doublelift’s 11/1/8 stat line, Broken Blade and the rest of the squad tied the series 2-2.

All four games of the series were competitive and instant classics, and the final game’s start shows no difference. Midway through the game, however, Liquid faltered as they unsuccessfully attempted to secure Baron. TSM took advantage of the off-guard opponents and led to several kills. Bjergsen and his teammates marched down to the bot lane to attack TL’s base. After TSM killed the second Baron, it was pretty much GG at that point as they pick up the rights to faceoff FlyQuest.