League Of Legends’ Latest Patch Brings Nerfs And Changes To A Variety Of Champions, Adding Jungling Viability

League Of Legends’ Latest Patch Brings Nerfs And Changes To A Variety Of Champions, Adding Jungling Viability
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

League of Legends is getting a pretty huge patch with the newest 10.6. We wrote up an extensive look at all of the buffs they’re bringing to the table, so let’s look through the opposite!

Riot is bringing nerfs to five champions overall. They’ve also altered the stats of six other champions to make them more playable in the jungle.

Let’s cover the changes being made in the jungle, since those are a bit simpler. Riot is hoping to be able to add a sizeable amount of variety to the jungle, allowing players to pick from a larger pool of champions for their games. The following six changes have been made

  • Brand‘s passive will no deal 120% damage to monsters to increase his jungle clear.
  • Morgana‘s W will now do 150% damage to monsters as well.
  • Shen‘s Twilight Assault (Q) has had its maximum damage increased considerably, from 75/100/125/150/175 to 120/140/160/180/200.
  • Teemo has two buffs, one to his Blinding Dart and one to his Toxic Shot. His Q will now blind for 100% longer against monsters, increasing his sustain considerably. His E, meanwhile, will deal 150% damage to monsters.
  • Yorick‘s passive has had a buff. Shepherd of Souls Final Service now raises graves on large monster deaths, with Mist Walkers taking half damage from monsters.
  • Zyra‘s plants have been buffed as well, with them now dealing 150% damage to monsters.

Moving to the nerfs, Riot has made a decent handful to balance things out. These nerfs are the following:

  • Aphelios – Aphelios has had three nerfs to respond to him dominating pro play. His Resurgent Heal will heal less across all levels, while his Incendiary AoE and Chakram basic attacks will deal considerably less damage as well.
  • Darius – Darius’ bonus physical damage for his Crippling Strike has been reduced by 10% across the board, while the cost has been increased. His Apprehend will cost more mana early, but less mana as the game progresses.
  • Garen – This classic tank has two nerfs coming. His Magic Resist Growth has been nearly halved, while his Judgment’s crit strike ratio has been reduced to 33%.
  • Senna – Support Senna is too strong right now, so Riot has decreased her damage and increased the cooldown of her passive. She now earns .75 attack damage per soul, while the weakened soul cooldown has been increased from 4 flat to 6/5/4 depending on her level.
  • Shaco –  Shaco’s AD builds are too powerful overall. To counter this, Riot has lowered the damage of his clone from 75% to 60% basic attack damage.

And those are the nerfs! Hopefully you’ll be able to hop into the jungle and you’re ready to celebrate a much-needed nerf to Aphelios. If your main is on the nerf list, here’s your chance to branch out of change up your style of play!