Riot Reworks Abilities And Stats Of Wukong In Latest League Of Legends Patch

Riot Reworks Abilities And Stats Of Wukong In Latest League Of Legends Patch
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

If you’ve played League of Legends for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve been juked out by a Wukong player. Riot has decided to give the Martial Monkey a sizeable rework in their latest patch, patch 10.6.

If you missed it, we already did two writeups on this patch’s changes to champions. Riot has nerfed some, buffed some, but all around it’s been a huge patch. These changes to Wukong will round out the final changes to champs, but if you want the full picture, you should hop away to check out the other writeups as well!

With these changes, Riot is hoping to give Wukong that trickster feel that they believe he’s been missing. They’re also hoping to improve his bruiser, top, and jungle builds since they found his mid and assassin builds unenjoyable overall.

His base stats are being hit first. His magic resist and health has been lowered, but his mana and mana growth have both been increased. This is a strange change given that they want to improve his bruiser capabilities, frankly, but it still fits.

His passive, Stone Skin, has had its magic resist removed. Instead, it will now grant 0.5% maximum health regen, as well as bonuses every time Wukong or his Decoy hit an enemy champion or monster, stacking up to 8 times for 500% overall. This buff lasts for five seconds.

Moving to his abilities, his Q has had a sizable buff to its attack damage as well as had its range increased overall. The cast time will now scale with Wukong’s attack speed and will have its cooldown lowered by Wukong or his decoy damaging enemies.

His W has been almost entirely reworked. It will no longer deal AoE damage before disappearing and has had its cooldown increased, as well as its mana equalized to a 60 across the board. Riot also added a 300 range dash that can’t go over walls, while also lowering the stealth duration of the W to only 1 second. Wukong’s decoy will now mimic his attacks and ultimate, dealing damage depending on its skill level.

Wukong’s E has had its damage raised considerably and will now scale off of ability power instead of attack damage. It will now buff for more attack speed for a longer duration and cost less mana, though the cooldown has been increased.

Finally, Wukong’s ult can now be cast a second time within 8 seconds. The knock-up duration has been reduced and Wukong will only spin for half as long. Additionally, the damage has been changed to 4-8% maximum health + 1.1 total AD. Wukong will still have increased movement speed while spinning, but not quite as much, and can cast other abilities to cancel the spinning.

And those are all the changes! Riot really gave a lot for Wukong players to think about before they hit the rift with their favorite Martial Monkey again. These changes are sure to shake up play and provide players with a more robust and varied experience.